Our Doctors

We aim to deliver treatments that improve skin health or enhance one’s appearance by utilizing medically advanced and proven technologies or procedures while at the same time minimizing the discomfort and downtime of medical procedures by having a pro-active approach.

Our highly trained staff ensure that you receive the best possible aesthetic result and the safest experience, in a relaxing, caring and professional environment.

5-Star Service, 1-Star Budget

A good yet effective aesthetic service need no a hefty price tag, at least here in Aglow Clinic. We started this business with a simple thought of uncover and see our client glow.

Hence, here in Aglow Clinic, you can expect 5-star service, 5-star ambience and 5-star result, all at a friendly and affordable price.

It is our passion to see your glow. Book your free consultation now with us today!

In Aglow, we aspire to make your aesthetic dreams a reality.

With the professionalism, attentiveness and friendliness of our team, we aim to ace through every aspect of our service offering to make our client’s visit a wonderful experience.

The Aglow team consists of highly skilled and passionate beauty experts. Led by Dr. Amelia Siah, one of the most esteemed aesthetic doctors in the industry, the Aglow team is devoted to maintaining consistent results for every client to enjoy peace of mind during their visit.

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