Dr. Dennis Choo

Dr Dennis graduated and obtained Doctor of Medicine from University Science Malaysia. Dr Dennis completed his housemanship and proceeded to work as Medical Officer in the internal medicine department at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang. He then continued to work in a district health clinic in Bukit Pelandok, Port Dickson for one year. He was happy and willing to serve the community in rural areas when he was in the public sector.

He is a reliable doctor who gained the trust and confidence of his superiors and colleagues. His working experiences have sharpened him to be meticulous in his work and remain calm and collected under pressure.

Before Dr Dennis started his housemanship, he had worked as an integrated nutritional therapist for one year. During that period, he had developed a strong interest in anti-aging, aesthetic medicine, and regenerative medicine such as stem cell therapy. Having a medical background and ongoing enthusiasm for aesthetic medicine, Dr Dennis decided to embark on his journey into it. He has worked in a reputable clinic in Cheras.

Dr Dennis was recognized for his soft-spoken, patient, and gentle skills towards patients. He then attended various aesthetic courses and conferences such as Master of Aptos thread lift training course, International Aesthetic Joint Conference, KALDAT Aesthetic Medicine Web Symposium and KALDAT-IMACE Aesthetic Medicine Symposium to equip himself with the latest knowledge and technologies in aesthetic medicine.

Dr Dennis believes that confidence is the key to success, and he strongly emphasises 3C in his service which is caring for clients, caring to be safe, and caring about the outcomes. Hence, he wishes people to come in and feel comfortable and confident with the best possible pain-free and complication-free treatment and witness the positive transformation after every treatment together.

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