Dr. Kei Melia

Dr. Kei Melia obtained her medical degree from The University of Sheffield, U.K. It was in university where her passion and interest for aesthetic medicine began when she was introduced to the skincare industry and active ingredients as part of one of her research papers. She then came back to Malaysia and completed her 2-year housemanship, rotating throughout different departments in HKL to build her basic medical management skills. Her love for dermatology and communicating with patients then brought her to serve as a Medical Officer in the Internal Medicine department at HKL. 

Dr. Kei understands the importance of looking like the best version of yourself to feel good about yourself and believes that aesthetic medicine is a field that can help achieve this with a variety of minimally invasive procedures. To build her knowledge in aesthetic medicine, she has taken and completed the Medical Aesthetic Certificate (MAC) Programme. 

Dr. Kei believes in treating each patient safely by addressing their concerns and recommending treatments that would benefit them. She stays up to date with the latest guidelines and medical papers to provide the best care to each patient.

Dr. Kei spends her day outside of work by being physically active and trying out new cooking recipes, as she believes in having a holistic approach to physical well-being. Welcome, Dr. Kei!

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