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We aim to deliver treatments that improve skin health or enhance one’s appearance by utilizing medically advanced and proven technologies or procedures while at the same time minimizing the discomfort and downtime of medical procedures by having a pro-active approach.

Our highly trained staff ensure that you receive the best possible aesthetic result and the safest experience, in a relaxing, caring and professional environment.

Dr. Sara Thong

Dr. Sara Thong graduated from Melaka Manipal Medical College, with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree in 2016.

She then trained in Hospital Kuala Lumpur ( HKL ) as a houseman for 2 years and served the public sector for another 2 years in the Ear,Nose and Throat department.

She then pursued her dreams and obtained a Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (AAA). In addition to that, she also has a strong interest in treating various skin lesions. This has led her to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology in clinical practice at the University of New South Wales, UK. 

She once said, “The reason I chose to be here because I want to explore my passion in aesthetic medicine and to help people find confidence in themselves”

Dr. Sara Thong believes in beauty brings out confidence in one self and confidence is the most beautiful thing that one can possess.

She also believes in the continuous learning process and is always interested in participating in any events such as training, meetings, conferences or any non-academic activities. She is also an athlete since schooling days as she believes ‘ In life, no matter what you do, just give your best shot and do your best to be a better version of yourself ‘

She is known to be a friendly, easy-going and responsible person. She is ready to learn the best Aesthetic Medicine to provide the best and safest treatment for all her clients. 

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