Dr. Syazana

Dr Syazana graduated with MBBCh from Mansoura University, Egypt. She then completed her 2 years housemanship training at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and subsequently followed by being the Medical Officer in Psychiatry department. Throughout her medical experience, she have worked with the Covid-19 team at Pejabat Kesihatan Lembah Pantai and soon after she joined the family health clinic at Klinik Kesihatan Petaling Bahagia.

During her time of practice, she developed a strong interest and passion in aesthetic medicine especially when it comes to tackling skin related issues. With that burning desire to help people to feel and look their best, she obtained and completed her Medical Aesthetic Certification (MAC) 1 program to take her career path to the next level. Dr Syazana is driven and dedicated to helping patient achieve radiant, youthful and most natural appearance possible by using non-invasive to minimally invasive treatments.

Apart from her professional life, she enjoys being active in sports, fitness and outdoor activities. She have conquered Mount Kinabalu twice, diving into the deep ocean all to Turkey, sky diving in Prague and joined multiples running events locally and internationally. She have learned that all progress in life takes place outside of her comfort zone, hence why she believe in the mantra of “I can and I will”.

Dr Syazana also believes that beauty should be both internally and externally as equally important. She takes pride of her quality of work and always strives for the best outcomes to all her patients. Her current life manifesto is “The Best Investment You Can Ever Make Is In Your Own Wellness”. It is her passion to see all her patients glow!

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