In Aglow Clinic, we are using the best pico laser machine, along with experienced doctors who are able to offer a catered solution, just to maximize the result!

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Treatment By Doctor


Personalised Solution


LCP Certified Clinic


Medical Grade

We Offer All Rounded Solutions

From pigmentations to scars, to skin tone – we will cover it up for you with the best and the most suitable machine that cater for your goals!

Real Client Testimonial

Seeing is believing. Check out visuals below to see how Pico Laser helped our client to solve their skin problems.

I’m first time into aesthetic treatment and totally like the result! I was recommended to this clinic by a friend, not knowing what aesthetic treatment is. I thought it was like some conventional facial. After treating my dark eye circle in 2 sessions , I’m impressed that my dark eye circle is almost gone! Thumbs up to Aglow Clinic result and excellent service! Super friendly team! Michael Lim

The Pico Technology

Pico Laser is the latest and most advanced technology for your beauty fix. It is able to break down pigments, improve acne scars, reduce fine lines with greater strength and efficiency, without harming the skin texture.

Specialized Handpieces

Each of them have a different wavelengths to target the skin problems in different skin layers effectively!

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