Dr. Jian Chiu

Dr Jian Chiu obtained his medical degree from The University of Manchester, UK. Throughout his medical experience, he has amassed experience from various medical disciplines, working as a Foundation Doctor at the prestigious Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He returned to his motherland and continued working as an Orthopaedic Medical Officer at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for two years.

Dr Jian’s interest in aesthetic medicine began during his Foundation training, when he was attached with and trained under a renowned dermatologist. He realised how a patient’s appearance and aesthetic can play such an important role in one’s self confidence and wellbeing. This, coupled with his perfectionist personality, attention to detail and love for being involved in hands on procedures initiated his venture into aesthetic medicine. Since then he has attended various aesthetic-related courses and has completed the Medical Aesthetic Certificate (MAC) program. 

Apart from this, Dr Jian is passionate about exercise and is a strong advocate of the motto that ‘Exercise is Medicine’. He is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer and instructs group classes outside his usual working hours. Equipped with appropriate knowledge, he aims to address his patients’ concerns and provide them with the best suggestions to improve their appearance and lifestyle which will in turn boost their self-esteem and general health.

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